Universal shaft driving Banbury Internal Mixer No leakage 160L For PVC Floor and PVC Filme

1. Introduction of Product
Universal shaft driving No leakage material  160L Internal Mixer For PVC Floor and PVC Filme
Name: Banbury Mixer
Heating Way: Oil Or Steam
Type: Drop door Or Internal
Feature: It is mainly used for plasticizing, mixing and final mixing the stock
Rotors: Chrome Plated and Alloy Hardfacing Electrodes
Certificate: ISO,CE

2. Description:

      1 Mixing volume of mixing cabinet         160L

2 Main motor power: 385KW, 8P, AC, Siemens brand

3 Rear rotor speed: 42 rpm

4 Ratio of front and rear rotor speed: 1:1.15

5 Blanking door type: downward

6 Colling type: water

7 rotor shaft: biserial self-aligning roller shaft

8 Electrical control: controlled by PLC, brand of Mitsubishi.

9 the decelerator with hard-facing gear makes it's transmission steady, least noisy and everlasting.

10 Rotor: edges and corners are wearable, welded by welding rod

11 discharge door can be openned when poweroff

12 Contactor: LG brand

13 Equipped with the banbury mixer: hydraulic station,libritorium,DOP oiling device,Electric control cabinet,operating console

       used in rubber,plastic molding and mixing,especially suitable for the tyres,ruuber sole,mixing rubber,synthetic rubber,wire and cable and other industires use

features:the machine rotor and mixing chamber adopts high quality special steel,and all welding carbide wear-resisting,corrosion resistance,resistance to wear,mixing chamber with double input ,transmission torque,smooth operation,high mixing quality,discharge whereabouts for hydraulic pressure type structure,quick speed,transmission power is big ,smooth and durable,mixing chamber adopts unigue sealing structure,effectively prevent raw materail leakage,easy maintenance,use a longtime,the machine fully enclosed mixing ,less dust ,short mixing time(about4 miuntes,faster than pressure type mixer 2-3times)  


3. Equipment list
1  Main body                                             1 group
2  Press hammer and cylinder                  1 group 
3  Material feeding device                        1 group   
4  Discharge device                                  1 group
5  Transmission device                              1 group         
6  Electric control device                           1 group    
7  Ol pressure and lubricate device          1 group   
8  Tubing                                                   1 group

4. Applications:   

1 PVC Artificial Leather
2 PVC film
3 PVC plastic sheet
4 PVC plastic floor
5 Plastic mixer
6 Rubber mixer


5. Main Technical Parameter:

Project / Model S-75L   S-100L S-120L S-160L
Total volume  75 100 120 160
Rotor speed 1:1.17 1:1.17 1:1.17 1:1.17
Main motor power 160 220 300 400
Drum pressure 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6
Weight 20 22 28 32

6. Competitive Advantage:
Banbury mixer is the best machine for mixing of big quantity plastic and rubber material.
1. The diversity of rotor type can meet different mixing requirements.User can choose any kind of rotors(the mixer with different rotor has different total volume and working volume.
2. Drive sysyem adopts DC motor or AC inverter motor to realize stepless speed adjustment or adopts Acmotor with gear box etc.The drive system has the advantages of steady drive,lower noise and long service life etc.
3. The standard rotr adopts the right drive system.According to users needs we also can supply the left drive system.
4.Drive sysyem adopts DC motor or AC inverter motor to realize stepless speed adjustment or adopts Acmotor with gear box etc.The drive system has the advantages of steady drive,lower noise and long service life etc.
5.On-site operation cabinets and electrical control cabinets adopt PLC communication,results in reduction of equipment troubles and installation cost.
7. Service:
1. Oversea installation guide.
2. Oversea test running
3. Oversea worker training
4. Technical support
5. supply of spare parts
6. Technical operation support
7. Formula and processing support
8. Option
Two rotors mixer the relative rotation, the material from the feed mouth clamp into the roll gap by rotor extruding and shearing, after() through the roll gap above the top tied pien is divided into two parts, respectively along the chamber wall and the gap between the rotor before and after the return to roll gap above.In a week around the rotor flow, material is influenced by the shear and friction action, make rubber temperature rise sharply, lower viscosity, increased the wettability on the surface of the rubber in the compound, make good contact with rubber and compound surface.
9. Other Items

1. Payment: 30% by T/T as advance payment, balance(70%) by T/T

  before shipment

2. Lead Time: 75 days after receiving the advance payment

3. Transportation: container, simple package ( PE film, salver)

4.Warranty period: From the day of the use of the machine in the buyer’s


   (1) The mechanical Parts: 12 months

   (2) The electrical Parts: 6 months

5. Installations and Commissioning

  (1)Up to date commissioning has been made before shipment

  (2)Overseas Commissioning and charges

   one or two technicians will be sent to the buyer to guide the  

   installation and commissioning of the equipment if the customer


   Customers pay the charge of our technicians.

   (1)Round-trip Airplane Ticket

   (2)Charges of transportation, accommodation and communication

   (3)The allowance for the technicians is USD 80 per day for one


   (4)An interpreter is needed.


Banbury Internal Mixer

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