300KW DOP Seal Drop banbury mixer machine wear proof electrode 120L

300KW DOP Seal  Drop Type The rotor of wear-resistant electrode 120L  Banbury Mixer  Machine 
1. Introduction

  • The intermediate of the kneading-room is mainly made of alloy steel. Its surface is hard-plated with chromium, beautiful and wear-resisting.
  • In the middle of the alloy steel rotor is a hole which can cool or heat the rotor by oil or vapour(oil heating or vapour heating) The projecting part of the rotor is made of hard alloy with hardened surface, smooth, shining and lasts well.
  • Since we applied the advanced foreign high-tech, we get excellent result in sealing.
  • Discharge door is  actuated by hydraulic rotary actuator, discharges quickly and smoothly.   

   Name:Plastic Mixer                            Type:Falling Or Internal 
   Material: Cast Steel                          Capacity:120-150 Kg/batch
   Heating Way: Oil Or Steam               Connect Way: cardan
   Rotors:Chrome Plated and Alloy Hardfacing Electrodes
   Feature: It is mainly used for plasticating, mixing and final mixing the stock

1. Technical parameter

a. Rotary speed of front roll 40r/min
b. Rotary speed of back roll 34r/min
c. Motor power AC 300kw/380W/50Hz
d. Capacity 8~10 batches/hour, 150~180kg/batch
e. Pressed air 3.5m/min

Drop discharging type;
Oil heating or steam heating type;
2. Main character

    main body                              1 group

       1) Mixing cabinet                         1

         made of cast steel, temper treatment, interlayer structure, parts   

         contacted with the material are done with hard chromium

      2) Mixing shaft                           2

         alloy steel casted, temper treatment, wing apex is welded with 

         special welding rod and then be burnish. parts contacted with 

         the material are done with hard chromium

     3) bearing pedestal

         made of cast steel, temper treatment                             

     4) shaft                                  4

         biserial roller drum shaft                         

     5) leakage prevent device                   

         end of the mixing shaft adopts hopper to prevent leakage, friction parts adopt high pressure oiling lubricate              and  compress

     6) pedestal                            1

         profiled bar joint, temper treatment, machining     


   Press hammer and  cylinder                1 group 

       1) press hammer is made of cast steel, parts contacted with the 

        material are done with hard chromium              1

       2) cylinder seat is made of carbon steel tube           1

       3) piston, cast steel made, includes seal ring which is oil resisting

        and heat resisting                               1

       4) press hammer do with balance device               1


 Material feeding device                     1 group   

      1) material feeding neck and material feeding door are made of

       cast steel, parts contacted with the material are done with hard

       chromium  1

      2) material feeding door adopts air pressure 


 3. Applications: 

  1. PVC Artificial Leather;
  2. PVC film
  3. PVC plastic floor
  4. PVC plastic sheet
  5. Plastic mixer
  6. Rubber mixer

4.Equipment list

1. main body   1 group
2. press hammer and cylinder   1 group
3. material feeding device   1 group
4. discharge device  1 group
5. transmission device  1 group
6. electric control device  1 group
7. oil pressure and lubricate device  1 group
8. tubing  1 group

5.Main Technical Parameter:

Project Model

Working capacity of mixing chamber (L)

Rotating speed of rear rotor (r/min)

Main motor power (kw)

Weight (t)





















6. Competitive Advantage:

  •  PLC control system  
  •  Lower noise, safer mixer 
  •  Excellent dispersing effect
  • Best mixing chamber to get 100% mixing effect.
  • Fast Mixing, good effectivity
  • Easier Maintenance.
  • Long life.
  • No leakage.

7. Service:
   1. Oversea installation guide.
   2. Oversea test running
   3. Oversea worker training
   4. Technical support
   5. Supply of spare parts
   6. Technical operation support
   7. Formula and processing support
8. Option
   Two rotor mixer, the relative rotation, the material from the feed mouth clamp into the roll gap by rotor extruding and shearing, after through the roll gap above the top tied pien is divided into two parts, respectively along the chamber wall and the gap between the rotor before and after the return to roll gap above.In a week around the rotor flow, material is influenced by the shear and friction action, make rubber temperature rise sharply, lower viscosity, increased the wettability on the surface of the rubber in the compound, make good contact with rubber and compound surface.
9. Commercial Terms
1. Delivery period: totally 6 months after the contact is confirmed.
2. Payment: 30% of the total amount by T/T in advance as down payment, 70% of total amount by T/T before shipment.
3. Spare parts: The seller will provide a set of valueless vulnerable parts for free. The seller also suggests the buyer to buy a set of spare parts which meets one year’s use again. The seller will show the list of spare parts to the buyer for his choose before delivery.
4. Appearance and color: appearance and color of the machines are based on the seller’s standard. Of  course, we can also custom-made according to buyer’s request.
5. Electric power: The quotation above is based on 380V/50Hz. There will be some additional fee and extended producing time for custom-built electric power requirement.
6. Warranty period:
    6-1. Machines: one year after successful debugging;
    6-2. Electrical components: 6 months after successful debugging.
7. Debugging service and cost borne by Foreign:
    7-1. The seller will send three or four technical workers (or more as buyer’s request) to the place which appointed by the buyer for the guidance of equipment installation and the debugging service;
    7-2. Both buyer and seller should bear their corresponding charge as below:
    7-2-1. The seller is in charge of the fee cost in China but except for the visa charge;
    7-2-2. The buyer is in charge of the fee cost in Foreign and the visa charge. This fee includes but not limited to the followings:
    a. Round-trip ticket;
    b. Transportation, meals, accommodation and communication fee during business trip;
    c. Allowance (manpower fee) USD 80.00 for per person a day (days calculation: total days from the day on the business trip to returning to China);
    d. Translator: The buyer should hire a translator for the seller's technical workers convenient field work communication, and for completing the task successfully. Otherwise the seller will send an additional translator. The buyer should be in charge of this cost (refer to a~d).


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